1. 37.2% of girls and young women of color in our region are living in poverty. I stand for women and girls who do not have the opportunities they need to thrive. Stand with me by giving $20 to support a girl who needs you: (enter your personal fundraising link) #20ForWomen
  2. Did you know that girls, young women, and gender non-conforming youth of color in our region are more likely to live in poverty, experience homelessness, become young mothers, or reside in communities with fewer resources? You can help by giving $20 to support programs that benefit women and girls: (enter your personal fundraising link) #20ForWomen
  3. Girls of color in our region are 30% less likely to complete high school.Without a high school diploma, they are more likely to end up at a low wage job,unable to sustain themselves and their family. Give $20 to help provide opportunities to women and girls who do not have the resources they need to thrive: (enter your personal fundraising link) #20ForWomen 
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